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Pallavi Model School celebrates National Science day

PEDDAPALLI, FEBRUARY 28, 2024: National Science Day was observed at the Pallavi Model School in Peddapalli and students were involved in various science-based activities to commemorate the discovery of “Raman Effect” by great physicist, Sir C.V Raman on Wednesday.

Students presented 15 working models, 20 projects and 30 other models with explanation under the guidance of the teachers. The students demonstrated their scientific spirit and temperament with lots of enthusiasm and captivated the visitors with their explanation of their models.

School Correspondent T Shoba Rani, principals N Vani and B Sridevi participated in the programme by paying floral tributes to Sir CV Raman, who had invented the Raman Effect and won Noble prize in Physics. The correspondent observed the students during their hand-on experiments and appreciated them. She also motivated students and staff for their efforts.

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