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Pallavi Engineering College signs MoU with California Miramar University

HYDERABAD, MAY 10, 2024: Pallavi College of Engineering (autonomous), Hyderabad has entered into an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with the California Miramar University, USA, on Friday.

College chairman Mr Malka Komaraiah, executive director Malka Naveen Kumar and principal MB Raju said in a statement that a memorandum of understanding has been signed with California Miramar University in America.

At a special program held at Pallavi Engineering College in Hyderabad, University of California President and CAO  Chitpsong (Chip) VazQuez participated and signed an MoU with College Principal M. B. Raju. On this occasion, Chit said that MBA students studying in Pallavi Engineering College as well as engineering degree students will be given direct admissions for their second year studies with California Miramar University.

Not only that, students will get certificates from their university, but guest lectures will be given online by their professors, she said. The chairman of the college Mr. Malka Komaraiah and the principal of the college Mr. MB Raju called on the students to seize such opportunities and climb higher.

Management Representative M.Rajender Reddy, College Administrative Officer Ambala Sridhar, Nxt Step Director CH. Rishita Rao, M.B.A.H.O.D. Kavitha,  Vishwa Prakash Babu, E.E.H.O.D. , R&D Director Sai Harish, Data Science H.O.D. Navya, Humanities and Science H.O.D. Ramya and HODs congratulated the students.

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