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‘No Bag Day’ on fourth Saturdays in all schools in Telangana as per Academic Calendar

Yoga and Medication classes for five minutes a day

Dasara vacation for 13 days and Sankrathi vacation for five days only

HYDERABAD, MAY 25, 2024: Here is some good news school students. The State government has issued orders for implementation of ‘No bag day’ in all the schools of the Telangana state from the new academic year 2024-25.

As per the academic calendar released for the year 2024-25, the state government has made it mandatory for the implementation of ‘no bag day’ in all the schools including the government and private on every fourth Saturday of each month. This initiative will grant students a total of 10 bagless days through the academic year, reducing the weight of their academic responsibilities.

The school education department which had recently unveiled the academic calendar for the schools across the state stated that the forthcoming academic year would begin from June 12, 2024 after reopening of schools till April 23, 2025, the last working day, making a total of 229 working days. The summer vacation would be from April 24, 2025 to June 11, 2025.

The Dasara vacations would be from October 2, 2024 to October 14, 2024 (13 days). Christmas vacation for missionary schools would be from December 23, 2024 to December 27, 2024 (five days). The Sankranthi vacation would be from January 13, 2025 to January 17, 2025 (five days)

In addition to outlining vacation and examination dates, the calendar introduces new activities aimed at fostering a holistic learning environment. These activities include a dedicated reading hour, yoga, and meditation, seamlessly integrated into the daily school routine. While the academic calendar mentions daily yoga and meditation to be incorporated during or after the school assembly, the academic calendar says that the immediate implementation of these practices will be limited to a five-minute time slot per day. Moreover, the government has allocated a dedicated 30 minutes every day for reading.

The Formative Assessment (FA) -1 would be conducted on July 31, 2024, FA-2 on September 30, 2024, Summative Assessment-1 from October 21, 2024 to October 28, 2024, FA-3 on December 17, 2024, FA-4 by January 29, 2025 for tenth class and from February 28, 2025 for class one to nine, SA-2 for classes one to nine from April 9 to 19, 2025, pre-final exam for class X before February 28, 2025 and SSC board examinations in the month of March 2025.

As part of the enrolment drive, the education department would participate in the ‘Badi Bata’ programme from June 1 to 11, 2024. The school timings remained unchanged. In order to involve the students physical and co-curricular activities, the academic calendar allocated five periods a week for the primary sections, three each for upper primary and high school sections.


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