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NCC Combined annual training camp begins in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 27, 2024: A 10-day combined annual training camp of the 9 Telangana NCC battalion, Karimnagar, got off to start with the participation of  around 400 cadets including 130 girl cadets from various educational institutions at the Paramita Heritage School, Padmanagar on the outskirts of Karimnagar town.

The camp is being from May 25 to June 3.The camp would conduct selection of GP TSC and IDS. The camp was inaugurated by 9 Telangana Battalion  Commanding officer Col Daniel Lotzem

Speaking on the occasion, Col Daniel said that the NCC was meant to impart discipline and fitness among youth. He exhorted the cadets to excel in all fields, enjoy the training activities and develop the spirit of camaraderie among them. During the camp, the cadets would participate in physical training, Yoga, drill, firing, map reading, field craft, battle craft, health and hygiene

Admn Officer Lt Col. Rakeshwar  Jaswal, Sub Maj Sagar Singh, Associated Ncc officers (ANOs) viz Major Kiran Jyothi, First Officer: P.D.Jyothsna, Third officer  CH. Maggi, Male Officers: Lt. A. Marathi Sri Hari.  Third Officers. Prashant, Mahesh and Vijay.


JCO’S, NCO’s, Havldars of 9 T Battalion, Sub. Surya Prasad, Sub Kapil Tomar, Sub Dharv Kumar, Nb sub Inder Chand, Nb sub Manoj Singh, Hav Padam Singh, Hav Mallappa Pujari, Hav Vikash Kumar, Hav  Aabasaheb Gavali, Hav Shinde Amol, Hav Hakim Singh, Hav Rakesh Kumar, Hav Shiv Kumar, Hav Narendra Singh, Hav Bhoopat Singh and Nk  P B Rao and others were also participating in the camp.

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