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Mizoram state Cooperative Apex bank officials visit Karimnagar DCCB on a study tour

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 29, 2024: A 15-member official team from the Mizoram State Cooperative Apex Bank visited the Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank (DCCB) on Thusrday on an exposure visit to study the best practices being implemented in the Karimnagar DCCB and PACS.

The team led by team coordinator Grace Lallawmsiami and assistant coordinator Rozamliana and others visited the Karimnagar DCCB main office on Thursday and visited all sections and interacted with the officials. They also visited the main branch and inspected its functioning.

Later, DCCB CEO N Satyanarayana Rao made a power point presentation on the progress of the Karimnagar district and implementation of several reforms and functioning on par with other commercial banks by taking up diversified activities. He also explained about the diversification of PACS into multi-service centres to increase business operations and reap riches.

He also explained about the use of technology to ensure transparency and accountability and good governance without any political interference in the functioning of bank and PACS. He also informed about the Union Ministry of Cooperation was adopting the Karimnagar PACS computerisation model throughout the country in all PACS.

Inspired by the performance of the Karimnagar DCCB, the Mizoram cooperative Apex bank officials said that they were very fortunate to visit the KDCCB and know and study the success formula of DCCB and PACS. Appreciating the KDCCB for emerging as the number cooperative bank in the country, they said that they got lot of information about the reforms in the functioning of the cooperative bank and PACS. They stated that they would implement the best practices in Mizoram state cooperatives for the benefit of farmers and others.

Later, the Mizoram official team visited the Sultanabad PACS and studied the multiple activities taken up by the society. PACS development cell resource person G Satyanarayana, DCCB general manager Prabhakar Reddy, DGM Sumamala, AGM Shailaja, Premises manager G Hanumantha Rao and others were also present.

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