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Lecture on Research Methodology and Entrepreneurship Finances conducted at GDC(W) Jagtial

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 12, 2024: Commerce Department of the Government Degree College for Women, Jagtial town, organised an extensive lecture on ‘Research Methodology and Project Report’ for the benefit of students on the college premises on Tuesday.

Government Degree College, Agraharam, Assistant Professor M Malla Reddy gave the lecture and enlightened the students on various issues of research methodology and project report. He covered many important topics related to research, such as, productive and critical thinking skills, scientific method and experimentation skills, communication skills: written and oral, management of research–time management, problem selection, hypotheses testing, sampling techniques, data collection, research design, research paradigms, fallacies of research, plagiarism, professional ethics etc.

He said research not only generated useful insight and confidence, but also acted as a stimulant for academic growth. “Sound conceptual understanding of various research methods, research instruments, tools and techniques is an essential pre-requisite for conducting empirical research,” he maintained. Principal Y Satyanarayana, Commerce dept incharge M Srinivas Reddy, IQAC and EDC coordinator Harjoth Kaur, M Satya Prakash and others were also present.

In the afternoon session, Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) organised an awareness programme on Entrepreneurship finances.  Mr Malla Reddy also spoke on the avenues for Entrepreneurship.  For entrepreneurs, creating a budget that differentiates personal expenses from business costs is vital. This separation ensures that personal finances are not only protected from the volatility of business operations but also provides a clear picture of where money is being spent in both areas of life.

In the unpredictable journey of entrepreneurship, an emergency fund acts as a financial safety net. It’s recommended to have at least six months’ worth of living expenses saved in an accessible account. This fund can cover unexpected personal expenses or support business operations during lean periods, providing peace of mind and financial stability when its needed most, Mr Malla Reddy educated.



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