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Leap Year Double Celebration: Vivekananda Vidyanikethan and Advita International School Celebrate Rare Birthdays

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 29, 2024: In a rare and joyous occasion, Vivekananda Vidyanikethan and Advita International School came together to celebrate the birthdays of two esteemed individuals, Mr Ragameta Shekar a government teacher and Md. Saquib Faqqruddin Garu a graduate, both born on February 29th, the unique day that only graces our calendars once every four years.

The jubilant festivities took place on February 29th, 2024, at both institutions, resonating with laughter, music, and heartfelt wishes. The schools joined hands to honor these exceptional individuals, whose birthdays coincide with the leap year, embodying the spirit of unity and community.

Speaking about the significance of the occasion, Principal Mithun Jai Mistry from Vivekananda Vidyanikethan expressed, “Celebrating birthdays on February 29th is a rare privilege, and it’s heartening to see the entire school community come together to celebrate these remarkable individuals. It’s a testament to the bonds we share and the joy we find in coming together.”

Similarly, Principal Chandrakala Tiwari from Advita International School commented, “Our school prides itself on fostering inclusivity and embracing diversity. Today’s celebration exemplifies our commitment to honoring uniqueness and making everyone feel valued and celebrated.”

Mr Ragampeta Shekar, the government teacher and Md. Saquib Faqqruddin the graduate were overwhelmed with the outpouring of affection and camaraderie shown by the school communities. Their birthdays, occurring once in four years, were made all the more special by the collective efforts of Vivekananda Vidyanikethan and Advita International Schools and its Director Sowgani Anudeep.


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