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Government according top priority for protection and conservation of lakes in urban areas, says Principal Secretary Danakishore

HYDERABAD, MAY 21, 2024:  Municipal Administration and Urban Development Principal Secretary Danakishore has said that the government is giving top priority for protection & conservation of lakes especially in urban areas.

Accordingly, the Lake Protection Committees were constituted in order to cater to the protection of lakes in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region with an aim to protect and improve lakes and their catchments, he stated and noted that healthy lakes not only provide us with a number of environmental benefits, they also influence our quality of life and strengthen our economy.

He was speaking at a workshop on lake protection and rejuvenation in urban areas organised by Hyderabad on Tuesday.  Senior officials of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, experts in the field of lake protection and rejuvenation, members from the nongovernmental organisations and start ups in the field of water conservation attended the one day workshop.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Danakishore said that there are more than 4,234 lakes in urban areas throughout the state.   As a result of fast urbanisation, many lakes in the state especially in urban areas have become severely contaminated or encroached upon, therefore lake restoration is crucial to maintaining the water table’s equilibrium in the state.

The Principal Secretary also spoke about the various GOs reflecting the State’s commitment towards protecting and rejuvenating its lakes and water bodies. By implementing these directives, the state aims to ensure sustainable water management, enhance biodiversity, and improve the quality of life for its residents, he said and added that the government has implemented creative and sustainable solutions through a variety of schemes and programmes, such as improving wastewater treatment facilities, lowering nutrient loads through buffer zones and riparian planting, involving the community in the monitoring, using citizen science initiatives to raise awareness of the need to protect and conserve these water bodies locally. He felt that multi stakeholder approaches are necessary for long-term efforts in the field of lake protection and rejuvenation.

GHMC Commissioner Ronald Ross stated that a comprehensive approach is needed to address the issue of lake protection and rejuvenation with the active participation of the local community.  MD HMWSB Sudharshan Reddy pointed out that while lakes are life lines in rural areas, they have become a source of neglect in urban areas due to lack of sense of belonging among the citizens.

Welcoming the gathering, CDMA Divya observed that lakes are not just picturesque landscapes, they are vital ecosystems that support biodiversity, recharge groundwater, regulate climate, and provide recreational spaces for communities.  She lamented that urbanization, pollution, and neglect has severely impacted the health of many lakes, especially in rapidly growing urban areas. She felt that by combining scientific knowledge, innovative technology, and community engagement, a model of sustainable urban development that balances growth with environmental stewardship can be created.

Special Secretary I&CAD Prashant Jeevan Patil, Director EVDM GHMC Prakash Reddy and other officials participated in the workshop.  Case studies and best practices on protection and rejuvenation of water bodies across India, citizen participation in lake rejuvenation and technical aspects of lake rejuvenation were discussed in the workshop.


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