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Free Online Abacus training for students

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 19, 2024: In order to remove phobia of mathematics and help the students learn maths with ease, eminent Abacus teacher Gangadhar has decided to provide free online Abacus training from April 24 onwards for a period of seven days.

The training would be given to the students in the age group of 7 to 14 years and studying from second standard to tenth standards. The parents were informed to download AAA ABACUS app from Play Store and for online classes send details to the Whatsapp number 9440444956 by joining the group.

He said that Abacus has been there for several centuries and is considered one of the best tools to develop arithmetic skills and numerical flow. The abacus tool is used to perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, cubic root or square. Also, it can be used for improving your calculation skills including counting decimal points, negative numbers and much more.

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