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Collector Pamela Satpathy focuses on SSC failed students to bring them back to mainstream of education

Teachers visiting homes of students and making wake-up calls and giving personalized guidance to crack the SSC exam with ease

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 20, 2024: The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination is a crucial examination in the life of a student as it is stepping stone of success for a bright career of the future generation.

Majority of students after failing in the SSC examinations were not showing interest in further studying and turning into a burden to the parents and some others were seen working in the fields helping their parents and some others working as labourers in hotels, shops etc.

In order to streamline the education system of the SSC failed students, Collector Pamela Satpathy embarked upon an ambitious task of ensuring that all the failed students rewrite their examinations. The collector collected the data from the DEO and found that 121 persons had failed and not studying further and losing their precious career.


The Collector informed the authorities to counsel the parents and failed students to write and clear the pending subjects. The district administration paid the examination fees of all the SSC failed students including the girl students and they were made to visit the school and sit in the classes and take personalized guidance from the teachers for writing the examination with confidence.

The Collector also organised a meeting with the failed SSC students along with their parents in the presence of headmasters and MEOs concerned and geared up the machinery to guide the failed to clear the examination and continue their further higher education and chosen career.

The Collector told the meeting that the SSC is sufficient enough to shape the next sixty years of student’s life. Once guided properly, the students would excel and would continue his further education with more enthusiasm and fulfill his dream, she stated.

Accordingly, all the 121 SSC failed candidates some failed four years ago are writing the examinations from March 18 onwards. As majority of students failed in Maths and Science subjects, the teachers have provided necessary guidance to clear the examinations so that they would further study in settle in their life.

On the other hand, the district authorities are leaving no stone unturned to ensure cent per cent results in the SSC examinations especially in all the government schools. The teachers were personally visiting the houses of students and guiding them and also making wake up calls and monitoring their studies till late hours.





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