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Chinmaya Summer Camp concludes at Blue Bells High School in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 31, 2024: The Chinmayi Children Summer Camp organised by Vasavi Vanitha Club in association with Blue Bells High school and Chinmaya Mission, at Hanuman nagar, Karimnagar, concluded with a gala event where the participants received their certificates on Friday.

In the 10-day camp, more than 50 students participated in the camp and moral stories from Ramayana, slokas from Bhagawath Gita, Lucida handwriting, Vedic Maths, Games, Stories, bhajans, and other activities for the children from third class to tenth class. Sessions was conducted by Brahmachari Akshaya Chaitanya and team of sevaks.

Blue Bells High School correspondent Janga Sunitha Manohar Reddy encouraged the campers for their accomplishment by learning new skills. She motivated them to always be ready to learn and bring out their inner skills. She thanked the organizers for imparting Mahabharatha and Ramayana to students and teaching moral values.

Vasavi Club district governor Jandhyam Madhavi thanked the school management for the success of the summer camp with good participation of students. She also suggested the school to conduct such programme at least on one Sunday in a month for the benefit of students in learning moral values.

Vasavi Vanitha club secretary Madhukar,  members Chanda Ravinder, Vasavi club vanitha president Chanda Vijayalakshmi, secretary Nune Padmavathi, treasurer Anuradha and others were also present.

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