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Child Prodigy from Advita International School wins Medals at 4th Telangana State Level Open Karate Championship

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 06, 2024: Shreyans Narayan, fourth class student from Advita International School, Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar, has emerged victorious at the 4th Telangana State Level Open Karate Championship 2024, organized by the Okinawa Martial Arts Academy, by winning Gold and Bronze medals by exhibiting his martial arts skills on March 3.

Shreyans Narayan showcased exceptional talent and dedication, clinching the gold medal in the ‘kumite’ event and the bronze medal in the ‘kata’ event, demonstrating his proficiency in both categories. His outstanding performance not only highlighted his individual brilliance but also brought pride and recognition to the Advita International School.

In recognition of his remarkable achievements, Anudeep Sowgani, Director of Advita International School, extended heartfelt appreciation to Master Shreyans Narayan. Sowgani emphasized the importance of nurturing talent and supporting students in their pursuit of excellence, reaffirming the school’s commitment to holistic development and encouragement of extracurricular pursuits.


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