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Career counseling and guidance conducted at KIMS degree college

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 12, 2024: Siva Sivani Institute of Management (SSIM), Secunderabad, conducted a career counseling and guidance programme for the benefit of degree final year students of KIMS Degree College in Karimnagar town on Monday.

SSIM assistant professor T Subhash Tej, former regional manager, The Hindu, Hyderabad R Ranga Reddy, KIMS college director P Saket Rao, SN communications founder Shankar Jadhav and others counseled the students as career counseling is a critical step in helping students find and determine the direction they should take in their higher education and careers.

Mr Subhash Tej enlightened the students about the career opportunities and motivated them to prepare for challenges in terms of career designing and job opportunities. He informed about ample opportunities in the market and called upon the students to upgrade their skills.

Mr Ranga Reddy educated the students about the importance of developing communication skills and prepare to work as a team and maintain discipline and integrity.


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