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‘Business’ teachers bringing disrepute to noble teaching profession in Telangana

A Govt teacher suspended in Adilabad district for doing to Thailand without information on business promotion trip

Several teachers have entered into real estate, private finance, chit funds, private insurance and other businesses

ADILABAD, APRIL 08, 2024: A government teacher M Mahender Yadav, working as School Assistant at ZPHS, Bharampur village in Thalamadugu mandal in Adilabad district, was suspended by on the charges of visiting Thailand nation without obtaining permission from the government.

The said teacher went to Thailand on a five-day jolly trip organised by a water purifier company for promotion of the product in the district and increasing its sales. This is not the single incident of teachers doing various other businesses instead of focusing on their noble teaching profession. This incident came to light as the teacher went abroad without permission. However, there are several instances of teachers touring various parts of the country as part of the promotion of respective businesses by the concerned firms.

It is a known fact that majority of the teachers were involved in private businesses during the school hours by doing LIC insurance,  Star Health insurance, private finance, chit funds, real estate, chain marketing networks etc. The teachers were focusing more on doing private business to earn more profits and lead a luxurious life at the cost of the students studying in the government schools.

Sources said that there would be over 200 teachers in each newly formed district getting involved in private businesses either by them personally or in the name of their family members. Each government senior teacher would be having nearly Rs 1 lakh salary per month, but still they are avarice of more money and getting involved in businesses neglecting their official duties.

The CCA rules states that the government should not be involved in any private businesses and he should be made available 24×7 to the government. He or she cannot leave the district headquarters without information of higher ups. The government can take action against the errant teachers if they flout the norms, said PRTU State General Secretary Dr Parvati Satyanarayana.

Expressing concern over the dilution of noble teaching profession by some government teachers taking up ‘private businesses’ to make fast bucks, he said that the skipping of classes by ‘business teachers’ was affected the regular and dedicated teachers as the authorities were not taking any action against the errant teachers doing private business violating the norms.

He said that the government should make it mandatory for the teachers to conduct face recognition system (FRS) in morning, afternoon and evenings within the school premises as attendance. He also advised the education department to take measures to ensure that there are frequent inspections of schools by the officers concerned such as MEOs, JDs, RDs and district officials to check activities of business teachers. He also urged the dedicated teachers to inform the authorities concerned about the illegal private activities of business teachers for instant action.

A ZPHS headmaster and best teacher award winner said that the teaching is a noble profession and it is aimed to transform the future generations. If the teachers want only making money, they can chose other professions and they cannot do private businesses by working as government teachers and spoil the career of students, he reminded. However, he said, the government teachers are well-paid when compared to other private school teachers.


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