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Ban on use of mobile phones by teachers in schools of Jagtial and Peddapalli districts

JAGTIAL, FEBRUARY 16, 2024: In the wake of complaints from various sections of society that the teachers were using cellular phones extensively in the classrooms and during the school hours in the government schools, the District Educational Officers of Jagtial and Peddapalli districts have issued instructions banning the use of cellular phones in the school hours.

It was surprising to note that some teachers have created separate whatsapp groups in Jagtial and other districts by adding the teachers’ union leaders and teachers’ mobile numbers and seen continuously chatting throughout the day even during the school hours. Following the regular complaints about the teachers using the mobile phones extensively in the school and even in the class rooms, the DEOs have taken a decision to ban the use of mobile phones in the school.

In an official release separate, DEO Jagtial B Jagan Mohan Reddy, DEO Peddapalli D Madhavi have reminded that the School education department had already informed the headmasters, principals, special officers of all schools including ZPHS, GHS, KGBV and TSMS ‘not to use mobile phones in classrooms instructional hours and the students also should not be allowed to use mobile phones in classrooms’.

They said that the use of cellular phones by teachers would distracts the attention of students and will emulate  such habits from teachers and will affect the educational activities and the students will not be able to pay attention in the classroom.

Directing the heads of all government educational institutions to ensure that no teacher uses the cellular phones during the class instructional hours, the DEOs they instructed the HMs to deposit the phones of teachers with the heads of institutions. Any deviations would be dealt with seriously, they warned.

They also stated that the teachers can use smart phones while taking facial recognition of the students for attendance purposes with the permission of headmasters. The HMs can permit the teachers to use mobile phones in classrooms for using internet purpose to explain  the lessons to the students. The teachers can use the smart phones for official purposes with the permission of HMs but not using for other activities.

Some of the teachers said that the use of mobile phones among the teachers of government schools had become ramphant in entire Telangana state. They suggested that the government should take stern action against the teachers for creating whatsapp groups and resorting to chatting of unnecessary issues during the school hours.


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