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Amala Akkineni releases a book on ‘Animal Justice’ authored by Woxsen University Professor PP Mitra

HYDERABAD, MARCH 24, 2024: Blue Cross of Hyderabad founder and chairperson, Amala Akkineni,  released a book, titled ‘Animal Justice’, authored by Dr. PP Mitra, Professor of Law at Woxsen University, at her Blue Cross headquarters in Hyderabad on Saturday.

“Animal protection or cruelty against animals is not an individual endeavor but a collective effort of the society. We needn’t think about big systems or institutions to accomplish the mission. If every individual starts working at his or her level with dedication, automatically it will lead to success,” Amala observed. She shared her experiences in protecting thousands of animals for the last 32 years.

“The first step is very crucial. I never imagined that we would build up a big institution to come to the rescue of animals. Thanks to the support of volunteers and others, Blue Cross is accomplishing its mission,” she said recollecting her husband film star Akkineni Nagarjuna’s unflinching support to the cause.

Prof.Mitra, who authored a couple of books on Law and Animals, said that he focussed on the Indian judiciary’s stance on cruelty to animals, animal sacrifice, cow slaughter and mob lynching in this book published by Bloomsbury. He thanked the Woxsen University management for its support in his research and publications.

Prof.Joshua Dalrymple, Deputy Dean of the School of Law, Woxsen University, lauded the tireless efforts of Blue Cross led by Ms Amala over three decades. “Your impactful work speaks volumes of your dedication and commitment. Though I am from the USA, I got to know great things about you and your team,” he said. The School of Law’s faculty-Prof. Nehal Ahmad and Prof. Aditi Singh, and Abu Bakar, Research Scholar, were also present.


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