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Advita International students embrace the spirit of service and don attires of community service professionals

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 02, 2024: In a heartwarming display of gratitude, students of the Advita International school, Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar, donned the attires of community service professionals on Friday and explained about the roles played by them in the society.

The programme was aimed to honour and recognize the services of community service personnel including police officers, farmers, doctors, chefs, sanitation workers and others. The classrooms of Advita turned alive with the students coming in the attires of various community service professions. They dressed up in police uniform, army officials, aprons by the doctors, chef caps, sanitary workers with gloves and brooms, farmers with spade and electricians etc. They also explained the role of each community service professional.

Advita International School director Anudeep Sowgani said that: “Our students’ initiative is a testament to their understanding and appreciation for the diverse roles that contribute to the well-being of our community. Today, they not only showcased creativity but also a deep respect for those who tirelessly serve in various professions.”

This unique event fostered a sense of unity and appreciation among students, teachers, and the community at large. The school believes that such initiatives play a crucial role in nurturing empathy and a broader understanding of the roles that different professions play in our daily lives. As Advita continues to prioritize holistic education, this event exemplifies their commitment to instilling values of gratitude, respect, and community engagement in their students, the school stated.


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