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Advita International School Elevates Learning Experience with LSD for All Grades

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 03, 2024: In a trailblazing initiative, Advita International School, Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar, proudly announces the successful execution of its Learning Synopsis Day (LSD) for Grade 3 on Saturday (February 3, 2024). This pioneering event is part of a broader commitment, as LSD will be conducted for all grades at Advita School.

The LSD for Grade 3 covered a diverse array of topics, presenting an engaging display for each subject. What makes this event truly unique is the active involvement of parents. Both parents and students participated in an interactive session, utilizing a questionnaire designed for parents to pose questions to their child about the covered topics. This innovative approach provides parents with insight into their child’s academic progress and understanding.

During the LSD event, each child passionately explained every topic learned throughout the academic session. This interactive experience offered parents a firsthand view of their child’s knowledge and achievements, fostering a collaborative approach to education.

The positive response from parents has been overwhelming, with many expressing satisfaction and appreciation for the innovative LSD initiative. Testimonials from parents reflect the success of the event in creating a transparent platform for understanding their child’s academic output.

Advita International School Director Anudeep Sowgani said:  “There was good response to the LSD for Grade 3, fostering a stronger connection between parents and students. We are excited to announce that LSD will be conducted for all grades at Advita, reinforcing our commitment to innovative and transparent education practices.”

Advita International School continues to explore innovative ways to enhance the learning experience and strengthen the bond between educators, students, and parents.


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