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Abacus competition winners felicitated at Bhagavathi High School

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 15, 2024: Generally, the students are scared of mathematics. It is also a fact that students can score 100 per cent marks in this subject if they attempt all questions properly.

In order to remove phobia of mathematics, the Bhagavathi high school, Bhagathnagar, Karimnagar, launched the Abacus training for the students from the primary sections onwards, as the abacus method of mental arithmetic is an effective technique for faster calculation and development of right brain of children.

Accordingly, the school had trained the first class students in abacus pre-level, for second class and third classes (senior pre-level), and fourth and fifth classes (first and second level of abacus training). Following the successful completion of training, the school chairman B Ramana Rao and correspondent B Vijaya Lakshmi handed over certificates to the students.

They also felicitated the students who secured and first and second prizes in the competitions by presenting them with gold and silver medals. On this occasion, Mr Ramana Rao said that mathematics & numbers come naturally to some children, but a majority of them struggle to calculate when it comes to complex numbers & calculations. Abacus has been there for several centuries and is considered one of the best tools to develop arithmetic skills and numerical flow. The abacus tool is used to perform mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, cubic root or square. Also, it can be used for improving your calculation skills including counting decimal points, negative numbers and much more.


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