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A lively family fiesta at Achievers Active School

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 02, 2024: Achievers Active High School, Kothi Rampur, Karimnagar, organised fun games for the parents and grandparents day on the school premises in the name of Family Fun Fiesta on Saturday.

It was all fun and frolic for the parents and grandparents as they participated in various games in the presence of their children amid cheers. Students expressed their love, respect and gratitude to their parents and grandparents. It was an endeavour of the school to teach the young generation the irreplaceable role that the parents and grandparents play in their lives.

School Director Ch Venkaeshwarlu thanked the parents and grandparents for their valuable time, presence and blessings. He further underlined the importance of the day and the invaluable relation the grandchildren share with their grandparents. He said that every generation makes better friends with the grandparents because they the greatest storytellers, the founders of love and the keepers of traditions. The role of grandparents is of utmost importance to the children because children require guidance and sympathy more than instruction.

Principal Ch Pallavi said that parents and grandparents are very happy to participate in this programme so that students can get to know about family values, bonds and relationships. The grandparents were happy to be a part of the celebration and thanked the school authorities for making them aware of the importance of the day.  The function concluded with the distribution of snacks and buttermilk.


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