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Vedas are universal facts, says TTD Executive Officer Dharma Reddy

`When the Modern Sciences focus on finding the cause for a problem, the Vedic Sciences gives the solution to any problem. Only when Modern and Vedic Sciences combine, a new Scientific Model out of Vedic Sciences emerges out’

TIRUPATI, MAY 02, 2024: Vedas are Universal facts as the Vedic Sciences explain everything that cannot be explained even by Modern Sciences, asserted TTD EO AV Dharma Reddy.

In his inaugural address as Chief Guest of the four-day Vishwa Vaidika Vijnana Sammelanam commenced under the joint aegis of Sri Venkateswara Vedic University and Indian Knowledge Systems Division, Ministry of Education, Government of India, New Delhi on Wednesday in Tirupati, the EO wished that the seminar would act as a platform to bring in innovative solutions to the limitations, by combining Modern Sciences with Vedic Sciences.

The EO said, when modern sciences are the source of all questions, vedic sciences are the source of all answers and there is a need to club both to explore new solutions that are useful for the overall well-being of the entire humanity. Exemplifying the case of Vaikunthadwara Darshan where in TTD has succeeded in opening the divine doors for ten days in Tirumala temple by combining both the scientific and dharmic approaches that resulted in enabling nearly 7-8lakh devotees to have Vaikunthadwara Darshan.

“Besides protection, preservation and propagation of Vedic Dharma, the chief aim of TTD in establishing Sri Venkateswara Vedic University in Tirupati is to bring together both Vedic and Modern Sciences for establishing a new sustainable methodology that is useful for mankind in future generations”, he asserted.

Earlier, in his keynote address, Prof.Srinivasa Varakhedi, the VC of Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi advocated that Vedic Sciences aims at sustainable development and Akhanda Vidya is possible only through Veda Vidya. When the Modern Sciences focus on finding the cause for a problem, the Vedic Sciences gives the solution to any problem. Only when Modern and Vedic Sciences combine, a new Scientific Model out of Vedic Sciences emerges out. For this to happen, scholars and scientists should be invited and more interactive sessions and research works need to be carried out in the Varsity, he opined.

Renowned Sanskrit Scholar and VC of Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Viswa Maha Vidyalaya (SCSVMV) University, Brahmasri Prof.Kutumba Sastri, informed that all the Scientific rituals are being done on the basis of Yagnakarmas.

IIT Tirupati Director Prof.KN Satnarayana said they will work together with Sri Venkateswara Vedic University to provide Vedic knowledge to everyone in the methods of presenting the scientific aspects hidden in the Vedas to the universe in the Universal Vedic Science Association, and informed that Veda means knowledge and that knowledge will help the development of Visva-Bharati.

National Co-ordinator of the program, Prof. GSN Murthy, New Delhi in his address said, that Vedic knowledge should be implemented in all universities by chanting the divine mantra of Sangachchadhvam Samvadvatam, and informed that everyone should conduct a comprehensive research on the Vedas and provide the Vedic knowledge as found in the Vedas to all.

Prof.Rani Sadasivamurty, VC of SVVU who presided over the Sammelan said, the four day sammelan is aimed at exploring the seeds of Vijnana hidden in our Vedic Dharma. He said stalwarts from across the country besides experts from countries like USA, Australia, Nepal are also taking part in this Mega Modern Science-Vedic Science conference in the varsity. About 90 speakers in 26 technical sessions will be presenting papers and speeches on interesting topics like Earth and Space Sciences in Vedas, Atharva Veda Vanaspati Vijnanam, Veda Shristi, Samaveda Agni Vignanam, Ayurveda and many more with an ultimate aim of this programme is preparing a “Knowledge Bank” for the sake of future generations, he maintained.

Registrar Radhagovinda Tripathy, Deans Venkata Subrahmanya Sharma and Phani Yagneshwarayajulu, Co-Ordinator Tarakarama Sharma and other scholars, faculty, students, invitees were also present.

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