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Sri Krodhinama Ugadi observed at Tirumala

Ayodhya Bala Rama Stands special attraction and Dasavatara steals the show

TIRUMALA, APRIL 09, 2024: Sri Krodhinama Telugu Ugadi festival was observed with utmost religious pomp and gaiety by TTD on Tuesday in Tirumala temple.

Ugadi Asthanam was observed on the auspicious occasion where the Pundits rendered Panchanga Shravanam in front of Utsava Murthies in Garuda Mandapam of Sanctum Sanctorum.

Both the presiding deity as well the processional deities were adorned with new robes on the occasion. After Asthanam devotees were allowed for darshan.

Speaking to the media, TTD EO AV Dharma Reddy extended Sri Krodhinama Ugadi wishes to all Telugu devotees spread across the globe wishing them a happy, peaceful and prosperous life.

Both the senior and junior Pontiffs of Tirumala, TTD Chairman B. Karunakara Reddy, DLO Veeraju, SE2 Jagadeeshwar Reddy, CPRO Dr T Ravi, DyEO Lokanatham, VGO Nandakishore and others were also present.

Ayodhya Rama and Dasavatara steals the show

As a special attraction matching Ugadi festival, the TTD Garden department has come out with colourful floral themes that included Sri Bala Rama of Ayodhya Temple and Dasavatara concepts.

Devotees clicked photos in front of Dasavatara which was displayed in front of temple that stood as a special attraction.



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