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Siddartha Schools celebrate Vasanth Panchami with religious fervour

KARIMNAGAR, FEBRUARY 14, 2024:  Vasantha Panchami, which is dedicated to worship Goddess Saraswati as it is believed that Goddess Saraswati was born on this auspicious day, was celebrated with religious fervour and gaiety at Siddartha high schools in Mankammathota and Seetharampur localities in Karimnagar town on Wednesday.

The school was colourfully decorated with flowers, marigold garlands, mango and banana leaves. School Chairman Dasari Sripal Reddy along with his wife worshipped Goddess Saraswathi,l the divine form of wisdom , music and arts, and also participate in vedic homam to invoke the blessings of Goddess of learning.

On this occasion, the Chairman couple participated in mass aksharabhyasam programme of the children amid the chanting of vedic hymns. He also educated the students the importance of Vasanth Panchami and worshipping Goddess Saraswathi.


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