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OFBJP Volunteers Organise Sudharshana Homam for Modi’s Victory in Detroit, Michigan, USA

DETROIT (USA), MAY 10, 2024:  Overseas friends of BJP volunteers, on behalf of Dr. Adapa Prasad, OFBJP-USA President, organized a spirited ‘Sudharshana Homam’ to seek divine blessings for BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory in parliament elections on Sunday at Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple, Farmington Hills, Michigan. Strong supporters of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi performed Homam to get divine blessings for BJP and Modi’s victory..

Volunteers arrived early to prepare for the Homam and decorated the hall with the USA, India flags, banners, and placards with messages of “MODI KA PARIVAR”, “MODI 3.0” in support of Modi. The Homam was performed to seek divine blessings to remove any evil forces around Modi. After the Homam, volunteers recorded short videos encouraging Indian voters to first vote and vote for BJP, and Modi Ji to make India stronger.

Dr Adapa Prasad commended the efforts of Michigan OFBJP volunteers in successful Homam and emphasized the importance of standing together in support of Prime Minister Modi’s vision for a prosperous and inclusive India and stronger India and US bilateral Partnership.

Volunteer Shyam Enaganti delivered a short message on the importance of Sudharshana Homam and also requested Indian voters to vote for BJP to make India 3rd largest economy, for women empowerment, to make India corruption free. This gathering truly demonstrates the strength and unity of the Modi Parivar.

Speaking on the occasion, community leaders  Rajender Sandadi, Ram Reddy Manda, Vijay Venkat, Raghu Aerabati, Hemanth Rana, Ritu Rana, and Rajesh Kutty also participated in homam and sought divine blessings for  Modi third term victory and expressed their support for Modi Ji and for a stronger US and India bilateral relationship.

Michigan OFBJP volunteers Ravi Gumat,  Sushant Tiwari, Basavaraj Danappanavar, Kapil Mistry, Sachin Patil,  and Badari Talanki worked very hard to make the event successful.


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