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Kumaradhara theertha mukkoti and Pournami Garuda seva on February 24 at Tirumala

TIRUMALA, FEBRUARY 13, 2024:  The annual torrent festival of Kumaradhara theertha Mukkoti will be observed in Tirumala on February 24 while the monthly Pournami Garuda Seva will also be observed on the same day coninciding with the auspicious ‘Magha Pournami’. A special puja will be performed by the Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams in the sacred theertham on that day.

The three crore Theerthas, believed to be present in the Seshachalam ranges, are broadly divided into four categories viz., ‘Dharma Ratiprada’, ‘Gnanaprada’, ‘Bhaktivairagyaprada’ and ‘Muktiprada’. The Kumaradhara Theertham falls under the last category and is considered as the first and foremost with its significance explained in  Vamana , Varaha , Padma and Markandeya Puranas of Venkatachala Mahatyam .

According to Vamana and Varaha Puranas , the Theertham attained the name after an old man was transformed into a teenager by the Lord Himself moved by his devotion. In Sanskrit, the teenager is referred to as ‘Kaumara’ or ‘Kumaradasa’ and hence the name. The other two Puranas also have interesting stories about the Theertham.

The commander-in-chief of the army of deities, Kumaraswamy, younger son of Lord Shiva, killed the demon Tarakasura. To wipe off the sin, Kumaraswamy performed a penance on the advice of his father in Venkatachalam and attained sanctity. Since, Lord Kumaraswamy performed penance in this area, it is called Kumaradhara.

Among the torrent festivals that are being observed by TTD, besides Tumburu, Ramakrishna Theerthams etc. Kumaradharatheertham also occupies a significant place as devotees take part in this torrent fest with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, on the same day evening, Sri Malayappa will be taken on a celestial ride along four mada streets on mighty Garuda Vahanam between 7pm and 9pm.



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