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Devotees make a beeline to Tumburu Theertham in Tirumala

TIRUMALA, MARCH 25, 2024: In connection with Tumburu Theertha Mukkoti on Monday, TTD has made elaborate arrangements for the trekkers from Sunday onwards.

With Phalguna Suddha Pournami lasting both on Sunday and Monday, the devotees especially trekking lovers hailing from Southern India and Maharastra made a beeline to one of the most important torrents located in the dense interior wood of the Seshachala ranges.

The devotees were allowed to trek from 5 am till 3 pm on Sunday. The TTD has made elaborate arrangements of the distribution of Annaprasadam packets, water, buttermilk to the trekking devotees with the help of Srivari Sevaks. Medical teams, ORS packets, Ambulance were kept ready to attend emergency services if any.

Security guards and Forest personnel were deployed all through the trek path to ensure safety and security of devotees. The devotees will also be allowed to trek Tumburu Theertham on Monday from 5 am till 11am only.


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