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Devotees arriving in droves to participate in Medaram jatara

MEDARAM (MULUGU DT), FEBRUARY 20, 2024: Devotees are arriving in droves to offer prayers to the tribal Goddess Samakka-Sarakka on the eve of biennial Samakka-Sarakka jatara in this tribal dominated Medaram village of Mulugu district on Wednesday.

Even as the main festival is all set to begin on Wednesday with the arrival of tribal goddess Saralamma from the adjoining Kannepalli to the altar (platforms) in Medaram, the devotees have started arriving in various modes of transport and occupying each available place at the tribal dominated habitation.

The devotees were seen carrying ‘bangaram’ (jaggery) and offering to the tribal deities along with coconuts, ‘vadi beeyam’, saree and ‘saare’ and competing to place them on the altars. Some of the devotees going into trance after reaching the altars.

The district administration and police machinery had made unprecedented arrangements for the smooth conduct of the four-day jatara. The devotees from Telangana, AP, Maharashtra, Chatisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country were also arriving to participate in the jatara.





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