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Ayodhyakanda Akhanda Parayanam held at Tirumala

TIRUMALA, MAY 07, 2024: The 10th edition of Ayodhyakanda Akhanda Parayanam was held on Monday at the Nada Neerajanam stage in Tirumala. SVBC telecasted the program live from 7 am to 9 am.

A total of 164 Shlokas from 35th to 39th sargas of Ayodhya Kanda, 25 slokas of Yogavasishtam and Dhanvantari Mahamantra were recited.

Scholars of Dharmagiri Veda Vijnana Peetham, Dr. Ramanujacharya, Sri Ananta and Dr. Maruti recited the Shlokas.

The teachers of Dharmagiri, SV Vedic University, Higher Education Studies, National Sanskrit University participated in Akhanda Parayanam.

On this occasion, the artists of Annamacharya Project Sri Rajesh sang the “Devatala Gachina …” at the beginning of the program and  “Rama Rama Sri Raghurama…” at the end.

TTD officials, scholars and a large number of devotees participated in this programme.


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