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All set for Tirupati Origin ceremony on February 24

TIRUPATI, FEBRUARY 21, 2024: TTD Chairman  Bhumana Karunakara Reddy asked the officials to intensify the arrangements to organize the Tirupati Origin ceremony on February 24 in a massive manner.

The Chairman held a meeting with the officials on Tuesday evening at Sri Padmavathi Rest House in Tirupati on the arrangements for this program. On this occasion, the Chairman said that Tirumala should celebrate the birthday of our Tirupati, the city of Srivari Pada Peetham.

It is said that the city of Tirupati came into existence on 24-02-1130 on Souryanama year, Palguna Poornami, Uttara Nakshatra, Monday. The great Sri Vaishnava Saint, Bhagavad Sri Ramanujacharya had enshrined Sri Govindarajaswamy in Tirupati on that day, designed Kainkaryams as per the tenets of Vaikhanasa Agama.

He also started the construction of four mada streets encircling the shrine. Initially, Tirupati was called “Govindaraja Puram”, then “Ramanujapuram” and since the beginning of the 13th century, it is been known as Tirupati.

As part of Tirupati Origin ceremony, the procession will start from Sri Govindaraja Swamy temple at 8 am on February 24.

In this, TTD’s Hindu Dharma Prachara Parishad, Dasa Sahitya Project, SV College of Music and Dance in collaboration with different art forms, present cultural programs.

There will be various art forms Mangaladhwani and Veda Ghosha. A procession will be held from Govindaraja Swamivari Temple to Karnala Street, Beri Street, Gandhi Road and Anjaneya Swamivari Temple.

The officials of the respective departments of TTD should make arrangements in advance. He also directed to coordinate with the police and regulate the traffic without any problem.

In this meeting, TTD JEO Sri. Veerabraham, FACAO Sri. Balaji, CAuO Sri. Seshashailendra, Chief PRO Dr. T. Ravi, All Projects Program Officer Sri Rajagopal, Transport GM Sri. Sesha Reddy, Deputy EO Sri. Sivaprasad, Principal of SV Music and Dance College Dr.  Uma Muddubala and others participated.


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