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KCR blames Congress Government for its inefficiency and causing umpteen woes to farmers and people in providing water

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 05, 2024: Former Chief Minister and BRS president K Chandrashekhar Rao has launched a scathing attack against the Congress government for converting the fertile integrated Karimnagar district into a drought prone district.

We had made the river Godavari flow in each and every village and provided water for irrigation and drinking water needs. But, the Congress government had transformed the district into barren one without water for irrigation and drinking purposes due to inefficiency, he alleged.

The former Chief Minister visited old Karimnagar district to inspect the withered crops in Karimnagar, Choppadandi and Sircilla regions on Friday. He listened to the woes of the aggrieved farmers, who had suffered a lot due to withering of crops due to non-availability of water for irrigation needs.

Addressing a press conference in Sircilla textile town, Mr Chandrashekhar Rao said that “I told at a press conference in Karimnagar town five years back after inaugurating the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project that the drought would be eradicated permanently from the district and there would ample water throughout the year. We provided water to each and every acre in the district and increased the food grain production and made the Karimnagar district as the rice bowl of Telangana state’.

During the BRS regime, the Karimnagar municipal corporation had provided daily water supply to the people of the town and there were plans afoot to provide 24×7 water, he said and added that now that the water supply had become a mirage and it had been shifted to alternate day supply and it would even go to three days or four days supply. When the BRS government had planned to remove the water woes in the Telangana state, it had again come back in the Congress regime, he alleged.

He stated that “We (BRS) are not out, you (Congress) won by just 1.8 per cent vote share by bluffing over false promises such as one Tula gold and crop loans waiver. I did not open my mouth for four months despite the slander and concocted stories in the media. Now I demand the Congress government to come to the rescue of the farmers suffering of damage and unsold crops. I demand the government to issue a compensation and bonus to the farmers, if not a spree of protests will begin in the Telangana state”.



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