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Excessive usage of fertilizers is degrading organic carbon status in soils: Coromandel International Ltd Vice President

HYDERABAD, FEBRUARY 17, 2024: Coromandel International Limited Vice President Mr G V Subba Reddy has expressed concern over excessive usage of fertilizers by farmers and degradation of organic carbon status in the Indian soils.

Before Independence, the organic carbon was 1 % in Indian soils and now it has come down to 0.3 %, he stated.

Participating as the ARGITEC-South 2024 organised by Prof Jayashankar Telangana state Agricultural University, Hyderabad on Saturday, Mr Subba Reddy said that the organic carbon to the soils is like Haemoglobin of human beings. “Chemical fertilizers are essential to replenish NPK while organic manures are too essential to improve soil tilth, water holding capacity of the soil and mainly to improve soil beneficial micro organisms which play key role in improving chemical fertilizers use efficiency”, he pointed out.

Explaining about the management of Fertilizers’ application / usage in all crops for better quality, output & yield, he said the chemical fertilizers and organic manures not competitors to each other but they are complimentary to each other.

In order to improve farm productivity and soil health, it is very important to use chemical fertilizers judiciously & improve the usage of organic manures many folds, he informed. Also explained the importance of fortified, specialty fertilizers and NANO DAP.

In order to ensure youth to be agriculture, emphasize ease of doing agriculture through uberization of Agricultural machinery since individual farmers cannot offer to buy the Agri – Machinery.

Also informed   the Coromandel International Ltd, has introduced DRONE Spray services by name GROMOR DRIVE in order  to facilitate farming community which is facing acute shortage of farm labourers in peak seasons.

He also stressed on the need to conserve water and use it judiciously to ensure life saving water for the future generations. He also advised the farmers to have crop rotation with pulses for paddy growing areas.


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