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Veenavanka Tahsildar suspended for executing sale deed of a land belonging to US resident without her knowledge

Dharani operator removed from service and Deputy Tahsildar transferred

Pattadar in USA, land registered to Telangana person, OTP received by AP resident

KARIMNAGAR, MARCH 09, 2024: Irregularities and corruption had become ramphant in the tehsildar offices ever since the former government entrusted the agricultural land registration processes to the tahsildars in the Telangana state.

Freshly, Veenavanka mandal tahsildar N Tirumala Rao had allegedly registered the land belonging to a USA resident without her knowledge to the Telangana person by securing OTP from an Andhra Pradesh resident. Following which, Collector Pamela Satpathy suspended the tahsildar Tirumal Rao, the Dharani operator was removed and deputy tahsildar was transferred to the Collectorate.

The details of the strange incident as following: Ramidi Supriya, was having precious land in Veenavanka mandal. But she was residing in USA for several years. Once in a while she visits India and her native village and uses local mobile phone number. Following the good demand for the land in the village, Dharani operator Arun colluded with Sukasi Suresh, Neela Ramchander and Md Akbar and decided to snatch away the land and removed her photo and forged her signature in the online records.

Accordingly, whenever Supriya visited India she used the local mobile number. The accused persons identified the local number, which was being used by a person in Guntur of Andhra Pradesh state. They approached the Guntur resident and informed about the OTP. While doing online registration, the Guntur resident secured the OTP, which was shared to Veenavanka tahsildar office.

The revenue officials in collusion with land sharks had registered the land belonging to Supriya without her knowledge to another person. In the absence of the tahsildar during his duty, Suresh facilitated a registration. Upon noticing this, the tahsildar filed a complaint with the police against Suresh, resulting in a case being registered at Veenavanka police station. Furthermore, without the knowledge of Tirumala Rao, it was reported that in the past, the deputy tahsildar and a Dharani operator issued a family certificate.

The tahsildar had told the police that he trusted the Dharani operator and gave approval. He said he was busy with the elections meeting with RDO office and when Dharani operator Suresh telephone him, he gave approval. Doubts were being raised about why the tahsildar had given approval when he was not present in the office physically. How the tahsildar can complete the registration process without seeing the land owner, purchaser and witnesses and documents, the sources asked.

The officials were also suspecting some foul play with the tahsildar as the registration process was completed in November by giving approval to the outsourcing employee and lodging a police complaint on March 6 against the Dharani operator. The sources said that the tahsildar can postpone the registration process if he was busy with other urgent duties and what made him to give approval for registration on telephone.


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