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Sircilla cops destroy 86 modified silencers using road roller

RAJANNA-SIRCILLA, MAY 28, 2024:  The Rajanna-Sircilla district police who have seized over 86 modified silencers installed in bullet motorcycles and crushed them using a road roller in Sircilla textile town on Tuesday.

Superintendent of Police Akhil Mahajan, who supervised the crushing the modified silencers, had given a clear signal to youngsters that no such nonsense will be tolerated and warned of serious action if they fit the motorcycles with modified silencers and create nuisance on the streets and disturbing locals.

Stating that the Sircilla district police have seized 86 modified silencers fixed to the motorcycles by removing the original silencers in one month period, the SP said that they had been receiving complaints about nonsense by youngsters and the police started a campaign to remove modified silencers. He said that the motorcycle of repeat offenders would be impounded and heavy penalty would be imposed on them.

He informed the people to lodge to complaint with the Traffic police if they notice any motorcyclists causing nuisance and sound pollution in any part of the town. He instructed the people to lodge complaints with Sircilla Traffic sub-inspector by dialing 8712656441 and Vemulawada Traffic SI by dialing 8712656440. He also reminded that they had registered cases against vehicles for installing police siren on the cars violating the norms.  DSP Chandrashekhar Reddy, CI Raghupathi, Traffic SI Ramesh and others were also present.



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