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Karimnagar DEO claims of paying Rs 36,000 per month as house rent to get IT exemption

Evades income tax to the tune of Rs 2.45 lakhs during the year 2023-24

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 27, 2024: The Karimnagar District Educational Officer Ch VS Janardhan Rao, who claims to be honest, adopts moral values and follows discipline, but still he evaded income tax to the tune of Rs 2.45 lakhs by submitting false house rent bills with false PAN card of the house owner in Karimnagar town during the financial year 2023-24.

Though, the DEO, a single person, stays in a small house in Suryanagar at Rekurthi, which is owned by a government teacher, by paying minimum rent, he had falsely submitted Income Tax returns to evade IT to the tune of Rs 2.45 lakhs by stating that he was paying house rent of Rs 36,000 per month in a house in Kothirampur locality (which is a mass and dingy locality) in Karimnagar town and submitted receipts of paying Rs 4.32 lakhs as house rent during the last financial year.

Surprisingly, the house rent claimed by the DEO is not in the name of Satyanarayana as house owner and it was in the name of K Aruna as per the municipal records. The DEO had purposefully evaded the Income Tax to the tune of Rs 2,45,715 by submitting false house rent bills to the government.

Incidentally, the DEO has pay annual of IT of Rs 2,69,453, it has to be deducted every month accordingly. But, the DEO was deducting only Rs 5,000 per month as TDS instead of Rs 22,450 per month violating IT financial code. During the last month of the year, he had paid Rs 2,14,453 and when his salary was not sufficient he had paid additional challan amount of Rs 60,450 to the Income Tax, which is also violation of the Income Tax norms.

The government employees and teaching community is up arms against the illegal acts of the DEO for evading the Income Tax for several years by producing false bills to the IT.  “It is really surprising to note that the DEO, a single person, paying a house rent of Rs 36,000 per month, when there are no luxurious villas in Karimnagar town”, the sources said. They urged the Income Tax officials to conduct thorough inquiry into the filing of IT returns of the DEO for the last several years and take action accordingly for misleading the government and evading the Income Tax with ulterior motives.


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