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Govt teacher goes on foreign jaunt as part of his business trip without information from district administration

Serious allegations against the Teacher for his Misconduct and District Educational Officer’s gross Negligence in Adilabad District raging into a big controversy

ADILABAD, MARCH 30, 2024: A school assistant from ZPHS Barampur, Talamadugu mandal in Adilabad district, Mahender, has went to a foreign nation Thailand on a jolly trip as part of his business activities without permission from the authorities concerned is raging into a big controversy in the district.

Accordingly, the Telangana United Teachers Federation (TUTF) Adilabad district unit President Srikanth has lodged a written complaint with the district authorities stating that the School Assistant M Mahender, who is also involved in the sale and marketing of water-filters of a reputed brand, had visited Thailand as part of promotion of the branded water filters in the month of March this year. The said School Assistant had visited the Thailand nation without securing No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Similarly, the PRTU district president A Noor Singh and general secretary N Naveen Yadav and others also lodged complaint with the Adilabad DEO and the district Collector about the misconduct of the said teacher, who visited the foreign nation as part of his business trip, and bringing disrepute to the noble teaching profession. The PRTU also flayed the Adilabad DEO for negligent attitude and encouraging the teacher, who is doing private business along with teaching profession, without giving any NOC.

The teachers’ unions’ leaders questioned the sanctity of the teacher and DEO over the foreign business trip with any official permission. They also found fault with the teacher for doing other business activities by being in the noble profession of teaching.

The Teachers unions’ leaders said that the allegations of misconduct have been compounded by the indifferent demeanor of certain teachers who have neglected their duties and engaged in unauthorized activities, violating governmental regulations. In particular, unauthorized trips, ostensibly for business purposes but undertaken without proper permission, including to destinations like Thailand, have attracted scrutiny and demand transparency regarding their funding.

Furthermore, the declining performance of some teachers within the Adilabad district has been linked, at least in part, to the negligent conduct of the District Educational Officer. This has led to increased absenteeism among educators and a pervasive sense of neglect in the education system.

In response to these alarming issues, there is a resounding call for the immediate suspension of Sri Mahender, School Assistant at ZPHS Barampur, Mandal Talamadugu District, Adilabad, who undertook an unauthorized trip to Thailand. Additionally, there is an urgent demand for a thorough investigation overseen by an impartial district-level official to ensure accountability and the imposition of appropriate disciplinary measures. Swift and transparent action is paramount to upholding the integrity of the teaching profession and restoring public confidence in the education system, the teachers union leaders stated.


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