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Four accused involved in land grabbing case taken into police custody in Karimnagar

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 02, 2024: The Kothapalli police have arrested four accused involved in the land grabbing by creating forged documents and threatened the original land owners and taken them into police custody on Thursday.

Following a complaint lodged by D Yugender of Bank colony in Karimnagar town, the Kothapalli police have a registered a case agaisnt the Karimnagar 18th division municipal corporator belonging to BRS Sudagoni Madhavi and her husband Sudagoni Krishna Goud, realtor and business Kothapalli Jaipal Reddy, Municipal RI and senior assistant Janke Srikanth, Municipal Bill Collector Kothapalli Raju a total of 12 persons.

On Thursday, the police arrested A6 Mohammed Feroz Khan of Rekurthi, A7 Kompelli Ramanjaneyulu of Gattbuthkur, A9 Jinke Srikanth from Vidyanagar and A10 Kothapalli from Seetharampur. The police took them to their respective houses and collecting incriminating documents, according to Rural Inspector Pradeep Kumar.


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