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A skill development centre duping central govt to siphon off PMKK funds using fake fingerprints busted in Mancherial

Four persons arrested and fake fingerprints, biometric machines, laptops and document seized

PEDDAPALLI, APRIL 22, 2024:  The Ramagundam Commissionerate of Police have organisers of Ultimate Energy Resource Private Limited for cheating the Central government by using fake finger prints to siphon off funds under the Pradhan Manthri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK) scheme.

Disclosing this to newsmen in Godavarikhani on Monday, Ramagundam Commissioner of Police M Srinivas said that they had arrested four persons of the firm viz Mallikarjun (Hyderabad), Saleem Jaffer (Narsampet), Venkatesh (Narsampet) and Devender (Mancherial) and also seized fake finger prints, material used for preparing fake finger prints, candidates attendance registers, documents and laptops and biometric machines.

The Union government had introduced PMKK to provide skill development training to unemployed youth and make them employable. It had entrusted Ultimate Energy Resource Private limited of Bhopal to train the youth in skill development. Accordingly, it had opened its office in Hyderabad and headed by Avunuri Srinivas and the Bhopal main office is headed by Sahil Vali. They have opened skill development centres in Hyderabad, Mancherial, Huzurnagar and Jagaon. Mancherial centre was headed by Mallikarjun.

The Union government was providing financial assistance of Rs 13,000 for each candidate for the training institute since 2020. During this year, the government had increased the strength to 720 for centre and announced only Rs 3,000 for the training institute. The payment was based on the biometric attendance only.

In Mancherial centre, a total of around 300 unemployed registered their names for undergoing training during this year. But, the attendance was only 50 candidates for the training. Hence, the firm was getting less funds from the government. In order to secure more funds from the government, following the directions of Hyderabad office head Avunuri Srinivas, the Mancherial centre incharge Mallikarjun consulted his known friend Vijay and with the support of Saleem Jaffer and Venkateshwarlu, they had cratered 250 fake fingerprints for biometric attendance and swindled the funds.

Following the information, the Ramagundam Commissionerate of police alerted the Task Force personnel, who have swung into action and nabbed Mancherial office incharge Devender, who had disclosed the scam.

The police have seized all the documents, fake fingerprints and other details from Mancherial. The police would also arrest the main accused from Bhopal office Saheel and Hyderabad office head Srinivas. Further investigation is on to probe how much amount of money was swindled by the organisation in the name of skill development training.


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