ZPHS headmaster dies of sunstroke while discharging election duties in Jagtial

KARIMNAGAR, MAY 04, 2024: A government school headmaster roped in for polling duties for the implementation of Model Code of Conduct died of sunstroke in Choppadandi mandal on Saturday.

Sources said that ZPHS headmaster and MEO Bathula Bhumanna discharged his poll duties as part of implementation of Model Code of conduct in Rajarampalli village on Friday whole day braving scorching sun and severe heat waves. He returned home in Choppadandi and complained of giddiness and started committing vomiting and suffering from diarrhea.

His family members shifted him to a corporate hospital in Karimnagar town in the wee hours of Saturday where the doctors declared that he was bought dead. He is survived with his wife, a son and a daughter. A pall of gloom descended in Choppadandi and Endepalli mandals.

For 28 years, Bhoomanna dedicated himself to the noble cause of education. His journey began as a teacher, where he shaped young minds with his wisdom. As a school assistant in Mathematics, he made the subject accessible and enjoyable. His leadership as a Gazetted Headmaster and Mandal Educational Officer (MEO) was marked by innovation and a deep commitment to student welfare. Bhoomanna’s role as a Special Officer for nearly 3  villages further showcased his dedication to educational outreach and development.

In times of crisis, such as the Covid pandemic, period Bhoomanna’s humanitarian spirit shone brightly. He mobilized resources and offered financial support to the families of teachers who tragically lost their lives to the virus. His efforts provided a ray of hope during the darkest times, reflecting his profound empathy and generosity.

Bhoomanna was known for his ever-present smile and his ability to greet everyone with joyfulness. His gentle demeanor and problem-solving abilities made him a pillar of strength for his community. He never harbored anger; instead, he chose to spread happiness and facilitate a nurturing environment for all.

His unwavering support for teachers, students, and officers has left an indelible mark on the educational landscape. Bhoomanna’s legacy is one of selfless service, and it is our duty to carry forward his mission towards achieving his goals. The teachers and others expressed shock and grief over sudden death of a ZPHS headmaster due to sunstroke.

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