Karimnagar CP urged for thorough investigation into student’s death

Proliferation of private hostels are posing threat to students and their career following mismanagement and flouting of norms

KARIMNAGAR, APRIL 06, 2024:  Jyothismathi Institute of Technology and Sciences (JITS) chairman J Sagar Rao has urged Commissioner of Police Abhishek Mohanty to conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged mysterious death of a diploma student Abhilash and punish the guilty persons and others who are policising the issue for ‘obvious reasons’.

The JITS chairman met the CP in his chambers on Saturday and submitted a memorandum in this regard. It may be recalled the Diploma student Abhilash from JITS hostel campus was missing from March 1 without information of the college management and he was reportedly found dead in an agricultural well on March 27. He stated that Abhilash had escaped from the college hostel without notice of the authorities concerned. He said that the mystery behind his suspicious death would be unraveled if the police analyze his mobile data for the last one year.

Expressing concern and shock over the death of the student, he said that it was an irreparable loss to the parents of Abhilash. However, some of the social media was making hue and cry over the mysterious death of their student at the behest of the some of the private engineering colleges and causing mental agony to the parents of the student.

He urged the CP to take serious action against the so-called media and social media for damaging the image of the college at the behest of some private engineering colleges. He clarified that there was no role of the college management and the missing of the student, who found dead in an agricultural well. “If we are guilty, we are ready for any kind of punishment”, he stated.

JITS is a brand since last three decades

Stating that the JITS was a brand in the north Telangana region for providing quality education and transforming the future generation for the last three decades, he charged that some of the private engineering colleges, who were scared of losing their identity after the JITS signed an MoU with Louisiana Tech University of USA, were creating this rumous and spreading false propaganda.

The proliferation of several private hostels around private engineering colleges in Thimmapur mandal on the outskirts of Karimnagar town are posing threat to the students and their career due to mismanagement of the hostels and making the students go scot-free and playing with their lives, he stated. Quoting an incident of few students sustaining serious injuries in an accident on Rajiv Rahadhari, he asked how the authorities concerned could would give permission for the people to run hostels on the highway without any provisions for the students in the hostels.

He charged that the private hostels proliferating around the engineering colleges have come up flouting several norms and there is no supervision about its functioning and they were housed in residential complexes without any basic amenities to the students.  Alleging that the private hostels were cheating the government by not paying taxes and playing with the lives of gullible students, he demanded that the government should keep a watch on the functioning of the private hostels and ensure all amenities are provided to the inmates and their security was safeguarded.


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