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Indian entry “Oscar Challagariga” selected for “Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival”

Gets rave reviews on “The Lift-Off Podcast” hosted by Frederick Brandes and Anna Albie

HYDERABAD, MARCH 06, 2024:  The Indian documentary “Oscar Challagariga” produced and directed by Chilkuri Sushil Rao of India has got rave reviews at the Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival organised by Lift-Off Global Network, UK.

The documentary received appreciation in ‘The Lift-Off Podcast” hosted by Frederick Brandes and Anna Albie.

In the podcast on Youtube, the hosts were appreciative of the fact that the celebrations in Challagariga village were highlighted. The village in Jayashankar Bhupalapally district in Telangana, India, it may be mentioned, organised a grand reception to lyricist Kanukuntla Subhash Chandrabose, on winning an Oscar.

In the 2023 Academy Awards, Subhash Chandrabose and music director M M Keervani were awarded the Oscar for Best Original Song for the Telugu song ‘Naatu Naatu” from the film ‘RRR’ directed by S S Rajamouli.

In the review, Frederick Brandes, actor/singer/composer, London, UK and  Anna Albie,  American actress based in London described the documentary “Oscar Challagariga” as a ‘really, well done, and inspiring story’.

“We thought it was really great that you went out to highlight the story of this local hero, this pioneer in a way, paving the way, showing that it is possible for Indian filmmakers to be honoured on the American stage,” they said, appreciating filmmaker Chilkuri Sushil Rao.

“We thought it was really a touching showcase of the local community culture. We loved the interviews of the local people and the showing off of the cultural heritage and the way they celebrated,” Frederick  Brandes said.

“We see how proud and happy they were. It brought so many people together and the sense of community,” Anna Albie said, describing the documentary.

The hosts had appreciative words for the documentary, commenting that it was “Really very well done”.

Frederic Brandes, is a German-Welsh actor has appeared in a number of short films and music theatre productions. He has also composed, written and produced musical and teaches singing.

Anna Ablie is an American actress originally from Brussels, Belgium. She began her acting career at the age of six.  Moving all over Europe (The United Kingdom, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands) and the United States, she developed a worldly perspective and appreciation for the arts.

Recently, Anna played Anna Bennett in the premiere production of “Will’s War” directed by Emmy Award-winning director, Karen Arthur. She also was a winner of Leah Daniels – Butler monologue challenge gaining a spot on Leah’s official Instagram to perform live.

Anna is an actress at The National Youth Theatre Of Great Britain and is currently based in London.


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