Another farmer trampled to death by wild elephant in Asifabad district

ASIFABAD, APRIL 04, 2024: In what could be termed as first of its kind incidents of an elephant reigning terror in the Telangana region, a wild elephant went on the prowl and killed another farmer in Bhoorepalli village of Chinthalamanapelli mandal in Kumurum Bheem Asifabad district on Thursday.

The wild elephant, which had intruded into the human habitations from the Kagaznagar forests, had killed another farmer Karu Poshanna (55) within 24 hours after its entry into the village. The pachyderm had killed Alluri Shankar (50) when he was working in the fields.  Similarly, the wild elephant had trampled Poshanna to death when he went to the fields to water the crops on Thursday.

Villagers were panic about the violent behavior of the wild elephant. The forest, police and revenue officials have sounded high alert and taking all measures to drive the rogue elephant into the deep forests. They were taking all arrangements  including bursting of fire works to chase the elephant into the forests.

The Telangana forest officials were informed that an elephant herd had entered from Chatisgarh state into the Gadchirowli forests and one of them had strayed into the Telangana region crossing river Pranahita. The elephants were disturbed in their habitations following the mining operation in Chatisgarh forcing them to enter into human habitations in search of food and water.

Following its separation from the other elephants, this elephant had become violent after entering into the human habitations and killed two farmers. The wild animal was also in search of food as it was unable to get its required in the fields. The Telangana forest department had announced an ex-gratia of Rs 10 lakh each to the bereaved family members.


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