An elephant tramples a farmer to death in Asifabad district

ASIFABAD, APRIL 03, 2024: In a shocking incident and first of its kind incident in Telangana state, an elephant had trampled to death a farmer Alluri Shankar (45) who was working in a chilli fields in Bhoorepalli village of Chinthalamanepalli mandal in Asifabad district on Wednesday.

Sources said that the elephant had strayed into the Kagaznagar forests from neighbouring Chatisgarh state due to intrusion of humans into their habitations and taking up mining operations. The elephants have migrated to the Pranahita river shores following the availability of water and food.

Following the incident of elephant killing a farmers, the villagers of the region are worried lot. The villagers abutting the forests have seen the wild animals such as tigers, leopards etc. But, this is the first time, they had watched an elephant intruding into the human habitations and killing a person.

Meanwhile, the district forest officials rushed to the village and taking all necessary measures to diver the wild elephant into its habitation into the deep forests. The videos of elephant intruding into human habitations went viral in social media.


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