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Serving of no-confidence motion against TSCAB chairman: A spectre of political vendetta

K M Dayashankar

Mr Ravinder Rao has made proud of Telangana cooperatives by introducing several reforms including computerisation of PACS. Incidentally, now entire country is following the Telangana state model in the cooperatives

Mr Ravinder Rao is likely to tender his resignation to TSCAB chairman post and continue as chairman of Karimnagar DCCB

HYDERABAD, MAY 30, 2024: The forcible serving of no-confidence motion against the TSCAB chairman Mr Konduru Ravinder Rao by some vested interest groups is a spectre of political vendetta for obvious and ulterior motives.

Just because, he belongs to the BRS, the ruling Congress party had moved the no-confidence motion against Mr Ravinder Rao when his term would be concluded in another six months period. But, they are not realizing the role played by Mr Rao for making the Telangana state cooperatives progress on all fronts and emerge as a role model in the country.

Is it wrong to strive hard for the development of all cooperative banks in the state by introducing reforms with good governance, transparency and computerisation of all PACS? It is proud moment that the recently formed Union Ministry of Cooperation had appreciated the progress of cooperatives in Telangana state and implementing the Telangana state model in entire country for the strengthening of cooperatives and computerisation of all the PACS in the country following the state model.

He had conducted recruitment of more than 4,000 employees in TSCAB and various DCCBs only through IBPS in a transparent manner without political interference. He had opened several new bank branches and strengthened PACS by diversification of business activities. He was instrumental in the introduction of HR policy for the PACS employees in the Telangana state, which is first of its kind in the country. Several officials and non-officials of various cooperatives from entire country and foreign nations also visited TSCAB and Karimnagar DCCB to study its success formula.

At a time when the cooperative sector banks were under rumbles, Mr Ravinder Rao took charge as the chairman of Karimnagar District Cooperative Central Bank in the year 2005. During the period, the KDCCB was running in losses to the tune of Rs 57 crore and was not a position to provide even salaries to the employees.

Thanks to the visionary leadership of Mr Ravinder Rao, the bank had started reaping riches from the year 2012 and started earning profits due to his reforms in the cooperative bank. He had successfully conducted the centenary celebrations of Karimngar DCCB in the year 2021 wherein several national cooperators had attended and appreciated the Karimnagar model.

Mr Ravinder Rao was elevated as Telangana State Cooperative Apex Bank (TSCAB) chairman. Later, he was also appointed as the NAFSCOB chairman. Incidentally, Mr Rao is the first Telugu man to become the chairman of prestigious NAFSCOB. He also board member in prestigious cooperative organisations of the country BIRD Lucknow and NCDC.

In the wake of no-confidence motion scheduled for June 10, Mr Ravinder Rao has decided to resign to TSCAB chairman post and continue as Karimnagar DCCB chairman.


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