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CESS to become Solar hub: Transforming Power Consumers to Producers

RAJANNA-SIRCILLA, APRIL 26, 2024: In a major effort to stabilize the Cooperative Electric Supply Society (CESS) in Rajanna Sircilla district through transforming it into 100% solar, former BRS legislator and Advisor to Government Dr. Ramesh Chennamaneni held a series of talks within the purview of Indo-German Cooperation. A Working Group with Dr. Ramesh Chennamaneni as Chairman and Dr. Dieter Kuenstling, Dr. Martin Schneider (German International Cooperation Agency) and Dr. Raghu Chaliganti met in Berlin today and finalized the next steps.

The long term objective of this initiative is to transform all the 2.98 lakh consumers of this supply society into producers of solar power. This will enable CESS to become a solar hub and contribute towards its economic stabilization as well as improve the incomes of the consumers (by making them net sellers of power) apart from protecting environment through clean energy consumption.

Towards this, the Working Group has decided to complete a feasibility report in June so that the German team visiting Hyderabad in August this year could start its deliberations with CESS, state Government as well as public and private stakeholders. Priliminary talks in this direction have already been held with the concerned Minister Tummala Nageshwer Rao last month on 27th March.

Dr. Ramesh Chennamaneni opined that this initiative, supported by the society members, would yet bring a second revolutionary change since the founding of CESS 54 years back to electrify all the villages at a time with the support of Ford Foundation in 1969.


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