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TG government starts the process of Teachers transfers

K M Dayashankar

HYDERABAD, JUNE 30, 2024: Telangana Government has began official exercise for the transfer of  teachers by considering the number of students studying in every government school in the state.

The official process of the transfer of teachers will be taken up aiming to improve the quality of educational standards in all government schools.

The previous government had  issued GO  No: 17 on June 27, 2015 and GO number 25 on August 21 , 2021. As per the orders, one teacher was appointed for a school with  0-19 students strength,  two teachers  for a school with 20 to 60 students and three teachers for school with 61 to 90 students.

The present state government allotted teacher posts by taking into consideration the strength of the students and provide quality education in each school. One teacher has been allotted for a school with a strength of 1 – 10 students. Two teachers for a school  with 11 to 40 students and three teachers with 41 to 60 students in a school. Web options are made available to fill all sanctioned teacher posts in the schools where the students’ strength are above 61.

Teacher posts have not been allotted to the schools with zero strength of students. Number of teacher posts will also be increased to the schools where the students strength is  more compared to the present.


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