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‘No bag day’ celebrated with lots of merriment by students of Arvintree High School

KARIMNAGAR, JUNE 22, 2024: In the wake of State Government announcing ‘No bag day’ for the school students on every fourth Saturday of the month, Arvintree High School, Vasudeva colony in Karimnagar town is in the forefront to implement the ‘no bag day’ and entertain the students with extra-curricular activities on Saturday (June 22, 2024), the first no-bag day of the new academic year.

Instead of carrying heavy loads of books in their bags, the students of the school arrived with only water bottles, snacks and lunch boxes. After morning assembly, it was all fun and frolic for the students. Right from the tiny tots to the high school sections, all the students enjoyed with lots of merriment and joy. It was really one of the best stress-buster programme for the student community.

On this occasion, the students participated in various activities including drawing painting, making artefacts with waste papers. A fun games of learning the languages and quiz and fun-games programmes integrated with the subjects such as Maths, English, Sciences and Social studies. They also participated in indoor games of snakes and ladders, Sudoku, etc.

Above all, the students were allowed to play any of their choicest games and chill out. The students participated in the tug-of-war, kho-kho, basket-ball, hoop ring, and other games. The school campus was all cheers and sounds with the students relaxing to the fore.

School Chairman B Ramana Rao said that the students had enjoyed the day to the fullest and added that they would implement the ‘no bag day’ on every fourth Saturday and entertain the student community to relax and chill out on the school campus. The relaxations with fun games would instill confidence among the student community and recharge their energies in the academics too, he stated.


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