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Eco-Tourism Prospects and way forward in Telangana

K M Dayashankar

HYDERABAD, JUNE 22, 2024: The Government of Telangana held a pivotal meeting today to discuss and enhance its Eco-Tourism Policy, focusing on both tourism development and forest protection. Telangana has huge potential to develop eco-tourism and also to generate employment opportunities to the local communities dependent on forest. In this connection, under the directors or Hon’ble CM, a consultative committee to develop tourist circuits in the state was formulated vide G.O.Ms.No.14, EFS&T (For.IV)Dept., dt.14.03.2024.

The high-level session took place at the Secretariat in Hyderabad and was chaired by Minister for Forest Konda Surekha. The meeting saw active participation from senior government officials, environmental experts, tourism industry leaders, and wildlife NGOs.

The core aim of the meeting was to devise a sustainable and integrated eco-tourism strategy that harmonizes the growth of the tourism sector with the imperative of forest conservation. The policy seeks to position Telangana as a top-tier eco-tourism destination by leveraging its diverse natural landscapes and rich biodiversity.

The Minister for Environment & Forest opined that the development of eco-tourism circuits linking major wildlife sanctuaries, forests, and natural reserves will offer unique and immersive experiences. Investment in eco-friendly infrastructure, including sustainable lodging, renewable energy sources, and green transportation options, keeping in consideration the forest and wildlife laws will be made possible by bringing in an “Eco-Tourism Policy”.

The Principal Secretary, EFS&T Dept., while addressing the committee had mentioned to involve local communities in eco-tourism projects to ensure they benefit economically and socially. Strengthening measures to protect wildlife habitats and preserve biodiversity through stringent regulations and active monitoring. Promotion of sustainable tourism practices that reduce environmental impact, such as waste management, water conservation, and minimalistic travel.

The PCCF, HoFF has stressed that unless local communities protect and conserve our natural habitations & wildlife, sustaining a whole some growth of ecological Bio diverse wealth will not be possible. Similarly unless people across different cross sections have an opportunity to explore and cherish natural wealth of forests and wildlife, it would be impossible to generate public responsibility towards preservation and perpetuation of forests and bio-diversity in the state.

However the committee made several suggestions for providing safeguards and sustainable and non-exploitative SOPs for a responsible and nature positive eco-tourism policy for the State of Telangana.

It was broadly recommended that the eco-tourism projects in forest areas  shall be managed by a separate division in TGFDC. TGFDC Eco-Tourism under brand “Deccan Wood s and Trails” shall be the executive agency private investments as well as partnerships among Govt., Depts., for investing in Tourism Projects will be equally encouraged.

Ecotourist Places will focus on nature and the adventure tourism in consonance with natural habitat conditions with time & spatial access conducive to free thriving wildlife.

Development of digital tools and mobile apps to provide tourists with comprehensive information and facilitate eco-friendly travel planning was discussed. Encouragement of public-private partnerships to drive investment in eco-tourism was also dwelled up on. It was decided to submit a draft policy based on above discussion to the Government for approval.

1 A.Vani Prasad, IAS, Principal Secretary, EFS&T Dept.,
2 Rahul Bojja, IAS, Secretary Irrigation
3 R.M.Dobriyal, IFS, PCCF, HoFF
4 M.C.Pargaien, IFS, PCCF (WL), CWLW
5 Dr.Suvarna, IFS, PCCF (CAMPA)
6 N.Kshitija, IFS, CCF, Jogulamba & RD HR
7 K.Haritha, IAS, Jt.Secretary, Finance
8 G.Kista Goud, IFS, DFO, Badradri Kothagudem
9 Shiva Aasheesh Singh, IFS, DFO, Mancherial
10 L.Ranjeet Nayak, IFS, Executive Director, Eco-Tourism, TGFDC
11 Siddharth V.Singh, IFS, DFO, Khammam
12 N.Naveen Reddy, IFS, DFO, Wanaparthy & Gadwal
13 Rahul K.Jadhav, IFS, DFO, Mulugu
14 P.Sri Lakshmi, IFS, DS, EFS&T Dept.,
15 M.Ramakrishna Rao, Jt.Commissioner Endowments on behalf of commissioner Endowments
16 M.Upender Reddy, General Manager, TGTDC
17 Farida Tampal, State Director, WWF-India
18 Imran Siddiq, HyTiCoS
19 Dr. Sridevi Rao, Landscape Architect, Taskforces Member of CII Telangana Tourism and Culture Taskforce

The following circuits are identified for phase 1

S.No Name of Circuit Attractions
1 Kawal Landscape Stay facility at Jannaram, EDC
Safari in Kawal Tiger Reserve
Visit to Gandhari fort, Manchiryal
Bird spotting at Kistapur lake, Jannaram
Visit to Tadlapet forest area, Rajuguda watch tower
Viist to Shivaram wildlife sanctuary
2  Anantagiri Stay facility @ Anantagiri guest house location
Temple vist
Safari covering grass land
Trekking in forest area near by
Caravan camping expereicne
Kotapalli visit for boating
3 Kanakagiri Stay facility @ Kanakagiri waters
Safari through RF
Guided birdwalk in near by forest
Trekking to puligudala
4 Kuntala Stay facility @ Mavala park
Boating, Bird park, Safari @ Mavala Park
Sathnala Lake- Natural Camp, Boating, fishing, mountain, trekking
Water fall visit Kuntala, Pochera, Boath Urban park
Kayakings, Valley walk at Gayathri waterfall
Kawal Tiger Reserve Utnoor core gate for safari
Tippeshwar Wildlife sanctuary – Tiger safari
5 Kinnerasani Stay facility @ Kinnerasani
Boating @ Kinnerasani dam
Safari and trekking in Paloncha and Mamilavai
Visit to Jnagalapalli forest area
Rangapuram camp visit
6  Nandipet Stay @ Ummeda back waters areas
Boating in back waters
Black buck safari
Camping @ Gadepalli
Basara temple visit






Gajubidem Stay @ Gajubidem back waters
Boating in back waters
safari @ Nellikal eco park
Kasrajupally Gazebo (View point) of Devarakonda Range
Somaripaya of Kambalapally Range, trekking to kambalpally base camp
8 Shamirpet Stay @ Ananya and other existing resorts
Canopy walk
Guided bird watch
Boating in Lake
9 Manjeera Stay @ Manjeera dam
Bird watch
EEC visit
10 Kagaznagar Tiger Corridor Stay at Vempally, Kagaznagar
Boating in Pranahita
Trekking, safari and birdwatching at Gundepally
Visit to ada park – Sunset point & watch tower
Visit to Vulture spot
11 Pakhal – Eturunagaram Stay @ Tadvai Huts, Pakhal & Laknavaram
Visit to Bogota water falla
Visit to Ramappa temple
Trekking and camping in Eturunagaram WLS
Bird walk and camping in Pakhal WLS
12 Amrabad landscape Stay @ mannanur, Somasilla
Safari in Amrabad Tiger Resreve
Boating in back waters
Viist to Srisailam temple
Trekking in ATR



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