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Activists demand vigilance inquiry into misappropriation of Varsity funds by former VC

K M Dayashankar

They allege that former VC visited University on July 3, 2024 midnight and tampered the files following the audit objection

Former VC Mallesham ruined the university by appointing Vannala Ramesh as OSD and extending his services after retirement as adjunct teacher

University was plagued with several irregularities during his regime with leakages of question papers and siphoning of funds

KARIMNAGAR, JULY 11, 2024: The Satavahana University Protection and Development forum members and social activists Kota Shyam Kumar and Ballepu Karunakar have demanded that the government should order for a vigilance inquiry into the misappropriation of university funds and resorting to several irregularities during the regime former SU Vice Chancellor S Mallesham and his henchmen including Finance officer, Registrar, Assistant Registrar and Controller of Examinations.

The activists staged a dharna in front of the University main gate on the outskirts of Karimnagar town on Thursday and urged the incharge VC to take necessary action against the corrupt former VC Mallesham and his henchmen, who had literally ruined the university academically and financially. They alleged that the former VC Mallesham had visited the University on the midnight of July 3, 2024 and stayed at Guest house and entered the administrative building and made several changes to the files and snatched away the university properties.

Alleging large-scale financial irregularities during the regime of former VC with his henchmen including finance officer M Ravinder, registrar M Varaprasad, assistant registrar P Prasad and Controller of Examinations SV Sriranga Prasad, they charged that the former VC had made several changes in the files following the audit report objections for the year 2022-23.

Demanding the government to study the CCTV footages of July 3, 2024 night wherein the former VC had visited the university and entered into the Administrative building premises with his henchmen, they said that the former VC had appointed a disqualified person as Finance officer and resorted to several irregularities of siphoning off university funds. Similarly, the former VC had appointed Vannala Ramesh, a former sociology department lecturer as his OSD violating norms during his regime and extended his services even after his retirement by appointing him as adjunct teacher. They demanded the government to order a vigilance inquiry and recover the siphoned off university funds.

They also alleged that the university Examination branch was also plagued with several irregularities and scams. Under the supervision of controller of examinations Sriranga Prasad, the answer papers were sent from the university to outside for rewriting in collusion with some colleges, they said and urged the government to examine the CCTV footages from July 1 to 8 for unravelling the truth. They also reminded that Mr Sriranga Prasad had attained dubious distinction for the leakages of question papers in the year 2021.

The activists have also alleged that the former VC in collusion with the controller of examination had allocated the scanning of answer sheets on nomination basis without inviting tenders during the year 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 academic years and involved in scam of several crores of rupees.


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