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Modernization of Tirumala Annaprasadam wing stressed

K M Dayashankar

TIRUMALA, JULY 10, 2024:  Renowned chefs and culinary experts across South India suggested TTD to go for the modernisation of Annaprasadam for offering tasty and hygienic food to pilgrim devotees.

As a part of the departmental review meeting, TTD EO Syamala Rao held a review meeting on Annaprasadam Kitchen modernisation and other issues along with TTD JEO Veerabrahmam and Chefs of South India Association in the Conference Hall at Gokulam Rest House in Tirumala.

The EO invited suggestions and observations from the renowned chefs who formed a committee to improve the taste and quality of Annaprasadam being served to devotees in Tirumala.

All the chefs and culinary experts shared their suggestions with the EO as they have visited the MTVAC earlier and observed cooking, serving, storing, cleaning and related activities earlier.

Appreciating the taste of the food in spite of huge quantities, the food experts made certain suggestions which included to study Gap Analysis and prepare SoPs in every area of activity, enhancing professionalism by training the serving staff, provision of In House Lab to check the quality of ingredients as hygiene process starts from food materials, proper waste management system in a sustainable way, frequent cleaning and painting to be done, mechanisation of equipment tp prepare food tasty and speedy manner, Food Analyst to Test for every three months and many more.

Welcoming their suggestions EO said, the department will come out a concrete plan on their requirements and another round of meeting will be held in this regard.

CE Nageswara Rao, SE2 Jagadeeshwar Reddy, DyEO Rajendra, Special Catering Officer Sastry, the experts committee included Vijay Vikram Cotah,   CEO of GRT group of hotels, renowned Chef Dr Damodaran, President – South India Chefs Association, Chef Thirulogachander, HEAD, Indian Culinary Institute –Tirupathi, Chef Sheetharam Prasad, Corporate Executive Chef, GRT Hotels & Resorts, Chef Manohar, Sri Deepak, Kitchen Consultants and Designer Sri Rithesh Chowdry,  GM TAJ Tirupati were also present.

Later the EO also reviewed on Day-wise Darshan format, SRIVANI and others with CVSO Narasimha Kishore, GM Transport Sesha Reddy, Temple DyEO Lokanatham and other officers. The EO also held a virtual meeting with JEO Medical and Health Goutami on Tirumala Sanitation.


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