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Police don the role of farm labourers to nab gamblers in agricultural fields

K M Dayashankar

RAJANNA-SIRCILLA, JULY 07, 2024: Two decades ago, the integrated Karimnagar district police had won accolades and distinction of adopting novel methods to check left-wing extremists in the district by donning the role of ‘Ayyappa Swamy and Hanuman Devotees’ and ensure peaceful conduct of meetings and visits of VIPs to the interior Naxalite affected villages.

Freshly, the Mustabad police had donned the role of farm labourers to nab the gamblers playing ‘cards’ in the fields in full comforts by converting it into safe dens. Following the incidents of accused persons running away after seeing the police and police vehicles, this time, the Mustabad police, have meticulously planned to arrest the gamblers red-handed.

Accordingly, the police personnel donned the role of farm labourers by covering their uniforms with civil dress. They visited the fields where the gamblers were playing the cards in Bandanakal village outskirts in Mustabad mandal. The gamblers, who were busy playing the cards, did not suspect that they were police as they surrounded them as farm labourers.

Later, the pounced them and rounded up seven gamblers and seized huge cash and cards. They have registered criminal cases and warned the people of serious consequences if they resort to gambling.


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